• More trainings coming your way

    Across Europe.

    April 11, 2012 will be the date of anohter training in Bulgaria with participants from the UN Global Compact and Cleantech.bg

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  • Ecotoolkit launched across Europe

    Ecotoolkit  launched across Europe

    Since January the environmental consulting community in Europe is enjoying the release of our new product - the ecotoolkit.eu platform.

    Ecotoolkit was officially launched by the project partners in all participating countries - Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia and Slovenia during 2 days training of trainers events. The trainees (private consultants, consultation firms and business representatives) were introduced to the three instruments included in the tool: Ecoscan, Ecomapping and Ecotips and the possibilities they offer for micro and small enterprises in connecting themselves to environmental engagement, responsibility, performance and benefits for businesses.

    The  participants’ background was as various as the opportunities our tool offers to the micro and small enterprises from the targeted 8 sectors of economic activity – vehicle maintenance and repair, bars, snacks and restaurants, accommodation, office activities, building renovation, retail trade, events, hairdressers and beauty salons.

    In Bulgaria the trainings were attended by ISO and environmental consultants, career starters, chambers, NGOs, events management company, lawyer, high school with tourism profile. In Belgium participants were members of the Eco-counselors Europe network. In Estonia the consultants were members of the Regional Development Agencies. The trainings here also included representatives of micro and small enterprises. In Slovenia the participants came from One-stop-shops for SMEs, development agencies, chambers, NGOs, private environmental or business consultants.

    At the end of the trainings the trainees were given a set of our recognition system stickers to use when coaching the micro and small businesses on their pathway to improving environmental performance while also reducing operational costs.

    All trainees were also invited to join the ecotoolkit.eu group we created in Linkedin internet platform - first step in creating national and European networks for consultants members of the ecotoolkit.eu community.

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  • Ecotoolkit live soon...

    The Ecotoolkit will be launched across the EU in December

    The set of environmental tools, directed at small and micro companies looking to improve their environmental performance will be launched in Belgium, Estonia, Slovenia and Bulgaria in the coming weeks.

    The Ecotoolkit comprises three environmental management tools, which a company may use in order to get an understanding of its current environmental situation and main problems, manage and reduce its environmental impact, and respectively improve its environmental performance.

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